Terms & Conditions

Application and acceptance of general sales terms

The following terms and conditions regulate the relationship between customers and the online shops www.hotnrare.it and www.hotnrare.com, belonging to HNR srl, based in Via Pradazzo 1a, 40012 Calderara di Reno, Bologna (Italy), VAT/tax n.03187751205, Registro Imprese di Bologna REA n. 498963. The use of the online shops www.hotnrare.com, www.hotnrare.it and probolt.eu is based on customer understanding of the following terms and conitions.


No Contract shall come into existence until the Customer's order (however given) is accepted by the earliest of the Company's written acceptance delivery of the Goods or the Company's invoice. By placing an order in any of the possible ways, the customer declares to have viewed and approved everything that has been stated in these terms and conditions.


If the customer is a non professional end user, he will have to print and keep these terms and conditions following artt. 3 and 4 of Dlgs n. 185/1999


The customer cannot hold HNR srl responsible for damages originating from HNR srl refusal to accept and process the order placed by the customer.


Customer can only purchase the items displayed on the websites (URL) http://www.hotnrare.com, http://www.hotnrare.it and https://probolt.eu, by HNR srl at the time when the order has been placed, as described in their respective sections. All informations displayed reflect the informations supplied by the respective manufacturers and can be modified top follow the new informations supplied by the manufacturers themselves. The images supplied are purely indicative and may differ in different areas from the actual product.


After every order is received, an e-mail message of confirmation is sent. It will show date and hour at which the order has been received and an order number, to be used in every comunication with HNR srl. The customer has to verify that all details shown in the message corresponds to what he wanted to order and transmit, and promptly give information on what needs to be changed. The customer will be able to follow order processing in the "order Status" area.


If the order is not accepted, HNR srl will promptly inform the customer.


All prices quoted are retail prices VAT included. HNR srl reserves the right to modify them any time it is necessary, without any previous notice.


On www.hotnrare.com and www.hotnrare.it website the availability of the products is shown. Due to the amount of traffic, the availability has to be taken as an indication and not as an assurance of the actual availability of the goods.


HNR srl reserves the right not to accept in full orders relating to items offered at promotional prices, and can propose to the customer to accept quantity reduction. Only after customer approval, the order will finally be processed.